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classic larry quote

“Every quarter we grab huge chunks of market share from SAP,” said Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison. “SAP’s most recent quarter was the best quarter of their year, only down 15%, while Oracle’s application sales were up 21%. But SAP is well ahead of us in the number of CEOs for this year, announcing their third and fourth, while we only had one.”

Chomsky said that violence works

You might wish it isn’t true, but its hard to disagree with him.

Does AlJazeera English brainwash you?

Well, if you get a sudden urge to go out and buy stocks in an energy firm in Qatar, then yes. Or if you buy a new Toshiba Tecra, then yes. Then again, thats probably because you’ve been watching the advertisements and not the news.

So why is this news channel controversial? Put quite simply, they don’t have a watershed. They will show any clip, no matter how scary/bloody/happy at any time of the day. If Bush says something, they show it. If Bin Laden says something, they show it. In fact, theres not much they won’t show. When the Russian Georgian conflict/invasion/defence operation/<insert your opinion here> kicked off, they interviewed the following people:

  • Dmitry Medvedev – President of Russia
  • The Georgian Foreign Minister

A short list of other people that are have conducted interviews with in the past few months are:

  • Hans Blix – Former UN weapons inspector
  • Hamid Kharzi – President of Afghanistan
  • Nigers Environment Minister
  • Anwar Ibrahim – Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia
  • Ehud Barak – Current Isreali Defense Minister, former Prime Minister
  • Chimon Peres – President of Israel
  • David Cameron – Leader of the Conservative party, UK
  • Jaime Bermudez – Columbian Foreign Minister
  • Mahinda Rajapaksa – Current Sri Lankan President

So does AlJazeera brainwash? Maybe a better question would be, how many other news outlets make as many interviews? Of course, everyone should always read a broad spectrum of news, but for international relations, this is a good start.